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Orangatang GUM X4 + CUPWASHER

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Product Description Orangatang GUM X4 + CUPWASHER

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Ideal for your Paris trucks and more, the Nipples of Orangatang land at Nomadeshop!

Orangatang Nipples are versatile bushings, adapted to the following practices: Dancing, carving, ride, freeride, freestyle, ...

The Nipples give the best of themselves when mounted on trucks Paris, Tracker Fastracks, Gullwing Charger II, Bear first generation (before 2010)

The lower bushing (the one closest to the board) is slightly higher to compensate for the extra pressure of your weight.

Orangatang offers a series of erasers in 3 different duros.
Soft Orange (85a) for skaters from 35 to 85Kg
Violet Medium (87a) for skaters from 70 to 105Kg
Hard Yellow (89a) for skaters from 90 to 125Kg
If you are an experienced rider, and / or like speed, choose a hardness higher than that recommended for your weight.

- Specificities: medium - violet - 87a
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