Wheels SEISMIC ENCORE 65.5mm Mango wheel [x4]SEISMIC ENCORE 65.5mm Mango wheel [x4]
  • SEISMIC ENCORE 65.5mm Mango wheel [x4]
  • Video SEISMIC ENCORE 65.5mm Mango wheel [x4]

SEISMIC ENCORE 65.5mm Mango wheel [x4]

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Product description SEISMIC ENCORE 65.5mm wheel [x4]

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SEISMIC Wheel ENCORE 65.5mm Mango

The first wheel carefully designed for the rigors of modern Freestyle and Dance Longboard!
(Exceptional for technical freeride too!)

Height and width finely adjusted with robust edges and well rounded.

Exceptionally rugged and durable - highly optimized to withstand the extreme impacts of large Freestyle Longboard jumps.

Slightly unusual for a wheel of this size, with a highly concentrated mass in the tire for a better kinetic moment and a better angular balance.

Machine running surface for almost instant burn-in - easy, easy grip slides from the start!

Poured into the finest and fastest urethanes the world of skateboarding has ever seen, without exception. Molded around our trimmed EC core.

37 mm high x 37 mm wide - the largest and most supportive hub ever seen in a freestyle / dance longboard wheel.

Thick and unbreakable bearing supports!

"Fin trim"hub configuration for robust mechanical locking inside urethane without compromising tire thickness. Formed from 85Fibresthermoplastic reinforced - the toughest hub material in the industry. Available in two proprietary formulas. 78A Defcon ™: Guinness WR driving speed - more tricks at a time!

Easy and predictable slide (even on concrete)

Slow and consistent wear: Smooth and comfortable on rough / uneven surfaces

Outstanding balance between speed and grip

Technical characteristics:
Diameter: 65.5 mm
Durometer: 78A
Width: 43 mm
Contactpatch: 33 mm
Lip: round
Surface: machine-ground running surface
Lot of 4 wheels
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