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TIMBER Deck KIWI Natural

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Product description TIMBER Deck KIWI Natural

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TIMBER Deck KIWI Natural

The kiwi board is different from its camber, in that it only adds to the feeling, instead of making it uncomfortable. When you are standing on the kiwi, it stabilizes. This results in a spring effect when you move your weight. Because the camber is not extreme (but sufficient), it will do its work during your dance moves.

Technical characteristics:
Size: 119cm ×23 cm ×5 cm
Flex: medium, stiff
Length: 119 cm (46.85 inches)
Width: 23 cm (9.06 inches)
Wheelbase: 74.7 cm (29.41 inches);77.7 cm (30.59 inches);80.7cm (31.77 inches)
Concave: light
Curvature: 8.3 mm (0.326 in) from the tip of the rocker to the top of the arch
Truck angle: + 2 degrees (faster turns)
Weight 2.1 kg

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