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VENOM GOMME Barrel Violet

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YellowVENOM GOMME Barrel Violet
RedVENOM GOMME Barrel Violet
PurpleVENOM GOMME Barrel Violet
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Product description VENOM GOMME Barrel Violet

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VENOM Violet Barrel Eraser

Technical characteristics :
Shape: Cone
Hardness: 85A
Material: Urethane
Use: Carving-Cruising

Brand overview VENOM

With VENOM, bends, straight lines, curves and other contours will hold no more secrets for you and your board. VENOM is the fruit of Zak Maytum's labour, a Pro Rider who spent several years working with urethane in his garage. After hours of testing and development, he harnessed the material by creating a formula that is a firm favourite with riders. The brand offers a range of impressive bushings with varying degrees of hardness. Standard or strong rebound, the choice of the bushings is immense and corresponds to exactly what you are looking for. Do you want bushings that combine quality and performance? Look no further than VENOM.

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