Longboard MADRID Complete TM 39 "FlamingosMADRID Complete TM 39 "Flamingos
  • MADRID Complete TM 39 "Flamingos
  • MADRID Complete TM 39 "Flamingos
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MADRID Complete TM 39 "Flamingos

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Product description MADRID Complete TM 39 "Flamingos

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MADRID Complete TM 39 "Flamingos


Full longboard drop-through from Madrid

The Flamingo has drop-through mounted trucks, which lower the center of gravity as much as possible and offer a very playful ride and lower foot positioning. Can make tight turns, thanks to the cut of the deck, which will avoid any risk of wheel bite.


  • A twintip deck and a drop down concave, for an active and reactive board
  • Cutout of the Caliber II deck and trucks that will allow you to execute the tightest turns possible
  • 70mm Cadillac wheels in 80A soft rubber for good grip
  • Good rotational speed with high-end Cadillac bearings
  • Asian-inspired visual created by Marc Clenn


Width: 9.75 "(24.7cm)
Deck length: 39 "(99.1cm)
Wheelbase: 29 "(73.7cm)
Deck Material: Maple, 7 ply
Deck design: Twin tip, Coupé
Concave: Medium
Griptape: Pre-applied
Truck type: Reverse Kingpin, Drop through
Hanger Width: 184mm (7.25 ")
Axle Width: 10 "
Degree of hanger: 50 °
Cushioning: 89A
Wheel diameter: 70mm
Wheels hardness: 80A
Wheel Material: PU casted, SHR
Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Riding Style: Freeride, Cruise, Carving

Brand overview MADRID

A brand and symbol of success for Jerry Madrid, the founder and creator of Madrid skateboards. A lack of wave action quickly spurred this surfer and surfboard shaper on to start manufacturing longboards. A few years later, Madrid became a leading product among talented riders and an incredibly passionate team. In terms of products, Madrid offers a complete range from cruisers to downhill decks.

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