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Product description LUSH Longboard SHOCKER

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The Shocker is a board very rigid, short and very well thought out. Less curved than the Vandella his sister, however, it has the same strengths. C is topmount board assembly (standard configuration) is totally adapted to glide and speed. This board will allow you to develop good conditions if you want to direct you to a practice "sensational".
- Length: 36.5 / 93cm
- Width: 10.14 / 26cm
- Wheelbase: 27.5 28.3 / 70 72cm
- Construction: 9 layers of Canadian maple fiberglass &
- Shape: Topmount, rigid, flat profile, large concave & pedal large concave
- Trucks: Tkp 187mm dual gums barrel SHR
- Wheels: 70mm 85a Cult Converters
- Bearings: Lush ABEC7

Brand presentation LUSH

The longboard manufacturer Lush was created in the United Kingdom in 1999. For them, the longboard is a way to get out and see the world, hence their slogan: "live, skate, travel". The founders of the company, themselves skaters, have over the years acquired a great mastery of the discipline. All this knowledge and expertise of the longboard can be found in each of their boards, which makes the boarding sensation even more thrilling.

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