Cruisers MADRID Longboard COMBI 32.5 "DOGSMADRID Longboard COMBI 32.5 "DOGS
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  • MADRID Longboard COMBI 32.5 "DOGS
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MADRID Longboard COMBI 32.5 "DOGS

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Product description MADRID Longboard COMBI 32.5 "DOGS

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MADRID Longboard COMBI 32.5 "DOGS

Board size :
length: 82.55 cm / 32.5 ”
Width: 21.9 cm / 8.625 ”

Technical characteristics :
Construction: 7 plies of maple wood
Trucks: Caliber Standard 85 "Blackout
Wheels: Cadillac 62 mm
Hardness: 80A
Bearings: Abec-7

Brand overview MADRID

A brand and symbol of success for Jerry Madrid, the founder and creator of Madrid skateboards. A lack of wave action quickly spurred this surfer and surfboard shaper on to start manufacturing longboards. A few years later, Madrid became a leading product among talented riders and an incredibly passionate team. In terms of products, Madrid offers a complete range from cruisers to downhill decks.

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