INDOBOARD Balance board PACK PRO NaturalINDOBOARD Balance board PACK PRO Natural
  • INDOBOARD Balance board PACK PRO Natural

INDOBOARD Balance board PACK PRO Natural

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Product description INDOBOARD Balance board PACK PRO Natural

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INDOBOARD Balance board PACK PRO Natural

The Indo Pro model is ideal for tall riders (6ft tall and taller) as this model offers a larger deck (107cm x 38cm) and a professional roller (22cm diameter) that fits a variety stance width options.

Originally designed for longboard surfers looking to improve their walking technique on their surfboards, this model is also ideal for more advanced weight lifting movements such as weighted squats and lunges. The larger diameter roller can seem intimidating as the user is higher off the ground than the original roller. However, it is slower due to the increased weight of the platen and roller.

The Pro model is a favorite among Indo Board fitness trainers for use in specific boardsports workouts for surfers, skateboarders, wake boarders, snowboarders, wake surfers, snow skiers, water skiers , windsurfers, kitesurfers,

The Indo Pro model is ideal for fitness, training, rehabilitation, home workouts and therapy.

Technical characteristics:
Board size: 107cm x 38cm with non-slip surface
Roll size: 22 cm in diameter with adhesive tape strips
Weight limit: 140 kg

Brand overview INDOBOARD

Ubiquitous in surfing circles, the Indo Board has arrived at Nomadeshop and is a must for urban board sport enthusiasts.
Using an Indo Board helps to develop balance and coordination and increases leg strength. Once you've mastered controlling your balance, it allows you to create tricks you can replicate in many other sports, including skateboarding, longboarding and surfing. You can also have loads of fun challenging your friends!

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