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What are the different disciplines of Boards?

The universe board is composed of many disciplines of different origins and for different uses. You can find at Nomadeshop what equip you for the practice of longboarding, mini cruiser skateboarding and skateboarding.
The longboard is largely inspired by the classic skateboard, but has a longer and slimmer board. The longboard was invented to find sensations of pure gliding and speed, close to those of surfing. The practice of longboarding will give you unique and extreme sensations.
The skate mini cruiser is the miniaturization of classic skateboarding. With its retro and atypical side, skate mini cruiser has seduced many practitioners. Formerly unavoidable, it is again very trendy today. Handy and space-saving, it will be your best for city trips.
Skateboarding is one of the oldest urban sports. Invented in the 70s, skateboarding has evolved through the ages while keeping its identity. Skateboarding is both for adults and for children. It is practiced in skatepark and in the street.

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