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What are the different board disciplines?

The world of boarding is made up of numerous disciplines with different origins and for different uses. At Nomadeshop you can find whatever you need to enjoy longboarding, mini skateboards and skateboarding.
Longboards are largely inspired by the classic skateboard, but have a longer and more tapered deck. Longboards were invented to create pure and fast boarding sensations similar to those of surfing. Longboarding will give you unique and extreme sensations.
Mini skateboards are miniature versions of the classic skateboard. With its retro and atypical style, mini skateboards have become very popular. Once everywhere, it has made a comeback and is very in. Easy to manoeuvre and small, it'll become your best ally when travelling around the city.
Skateboarding is one of the oldest boardsports. Invented in the 1970s, skateboarding has managed to evolve over the years while maintaining its identity. Skateboarding is both for adults and kids. It is practised in skateparks and in the street.

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