CULT CREW Crankset 19mm BlackCULT CREW Crankset 19mm Black
  • CULT CREW Crankset 19mm Black

CULT CREW Crankset 19mm Black

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ChromiumCULT CREW Crankset 19mm Black
BlackCULT CREW Crankset 19mm Black
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Product description CULT CREW Crankset 19mm

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CULT Crank CREW 19mm Black

BMX CULT CREW crankset.

Technical characteristics :
Material: Heat treated chromoly
Crankset: 3 pieces with tubular cranks
Size: 175 mm
19mm (48 splines) chromoly hollow axle.
Chromoly hollow axle screws to save weight without sacrificing strength.
Compatible for right or left transmission (RHD / LHD).
Supplied with crank handle.
Color: Black

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