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MINDLESS Core Dancer Red Gum Red Gum

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Product description MINDLESS Core Dancer Red Gum

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Caractéristiques techniques: 
Type de pratique : Planche de dancing flex 
Construction: érable et fibre de verre  
Longueur: 44.5 pouces (113 cm)
Largeur: 9.25 pouces (23.5cm)
Empattent: 32 pouces (81.28 cm)
Trucks: 7 " Talisman V2
Bushings: mindless freeride (94)
Roues:Mindless Voodoo Maji 70 x 51mm 
Dureté: 78A
Roulements: ABEC 5
Poids maximum du rider: 90 kg

Brand overview MINDLESS

A British brand present on the longboard market, Mindless has been around for decades, and now has a range of very developed, high quality products at affordable prices. Decks, wheels, trucks, bearings... The Mindless brand is expanding its range of products without forgetting quality. Highly creative, they have recently refreshed their range with the ''Voodoo'' series.

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