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A "beginner" scooter lets the rider learn the basics of freestyle scootering. And "intermediate" scooter lets the rider develop and evolve with the same kit. An "expert' scooter' lets the rider practice every type of scootering.

  • Confirmé;Expert

Dirt scooters are now available and are designed for extra-urban scootering (on beaten earth for example). They are different from freestyles scooters thanks to their wheels with tyres, among other things.

  • Freestyle


  • Noir

Weight is important when choosing a scooter. The smaller the size of the rider, the more important it is to have a light scooter. It will be much easier to do tricks. Weight becomes less important when the rider is bigger.

  • 4000 g

Handlebar height

  • 620
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AO SCOOTER Trottinette freestyle SACHEM Noir Caractéristiques techniques :...
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