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Nomades in Paris is a specialist shop for rental, lessons and sales of skates, Heelys roller shoes, scooters, jumping stilts, and Street Surf

NOMADES was founded in 1997 and is now the top skate portal in Europe. NOMADES is, a new generation of retailer, a vibrant location filled with skilled people passionate about their products and projects. While plenty of other shops have a range of skates, Heelys roller shoes, or scooters, few of them can properly advise which one is right for you. We can: our team are all experienced skate fanatics, and know that buying a pair of skates isn't just about picking them off the shelf. You need to properly test several different kinds out, work out which one fits your skating style, your level of experience and your ambitions. Only then can you be sure of getting the perfect skates for you, with no compromises! How do you do this? Easy - come and buy your skates, scooter or Heelys with skate specialists, like us!


Come and explore the Nomades shop, in Paris, for skate hire or purchase. All kinds of skate available. If you want to learn to skate, come and check out all the different kinds of skate available. You'll find skates of all kinds: Mens and womens beginners skates (Fitness), a speed skate range, freestyle skates. There's also a dedicated kids section for sizes 29-34, 32-37 and 35-40. Nomades is also a specialist vendor for aggressive skates, street hockey, and quad skates (traditional roller skates). Every purchase of a pair of skates comes with a free 1 1/2 h lesson from the Roller Club de France! The test track lets you try out your skates before purchasing them.

Heelys roller shoes

Heelys shoes are a roller revolution! Roller shoes are both fun and practical, and great whatever your age. Take an ordinary trainer - the type you could wear all day long. Add a wheel under the heel, and you'll go from walking to gliding! It's easy and quick to pick up, and don't forget your protective gear. To glide properly you must place one foot in front of the other. Heelys roller shoes make great gifts. Heelys are currently the only brand worthy of the name. The major advantage compared to scooters or skates is that you can always carry them with you.


JDBug or Micro scooters are a great way to easily get around. This is more than a toy! While kids especially love them, they're great for all ages, and particularly suited to an urban environment. Scooters, or kick-scooters, are available for all ages and any kinds of use. The two major types of scooter are the freestyle and street scooters. Freestyle scootering has been growing for several years, and now with the wide range of models available this new type of roller sport is here to stay.

Spring-powered Jumping stilts

We also sell Poweriser and Powerstrider Jumping stilts. Jumping stilts are a fabulous new way of getting around. Nomades offers lessons on Saturday between 1pm-6pm (reservation required). Run, jump and fly with jumping stilts: a source of boundless fun! It's great fun and good exercise. Suitable for kids and adults, men and women. Fun guaranteed!

Street Surf, Wave board and Ripstik

Bored of skateboards? Want something new? Then Street Surf and Ripstik boards are what you've been waiting for! The freely-moving wheels mean these boards feel more like snowboarding than anything else: Wave Board is pure gliding fun! Try them out on the test track behind the shop. Models for both kids and adults are available.

Skate lessons with the Roller Club de France.

Nomades also hosts the Roller Club de France (French Skating Society), whose State-qualified instructors give public skate lessons, including roller hockey, for all levels of ability from ages 7 to 77. Adult skate lessons, and kids skate lessons and courses are available year-round. If you're a beginner, feel free to take some lessons to get a good foundation in skate basics. If you're already experienced, why not improve some more, lose those bad habits, and crown yourself king of the road!

Sunday Street Skate from Rollers et Coquillages.

Nomades also hosts Rollers et Coquillages which organizes the increasingly popular street skate routes around Paris. The skate starts in front of the shop every Sunday afternoon at 2.30pm.

Browse the Nomades Shop product range online: Heelys roller shoes, quad skates, kids scooters, speed skates, fitness skates...
Nomadeshop, a point of reference for skates, scooters and boardsports.

Don't hesitate to come and see us in our store measuring more than 300m2 in Paris Bastille!
You'll find us at 37 Boulevard Bourdon Paris, 4th arrondissement, from Tuesday to Friday from 11am to 1:30pm and from 2:30pm to 7:30pm, and Saturdays from 10am to 7pm. 2003-2012- Contact us- Our terms and conditions of sale- Site map- MediAdvance

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